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Sunday Happenings

Well Asp and I randomly emailed back and forth today, but as usual things are steamier at night. However I did get a wake up call coming out of Walmart today. A single mom, no ring, and her teenage son were walking in. I smiled at her and I got a great shy smile back from her. Those things just light my world up. If she didn't have her son with her I would have asked her out. I may ask women out in interesting places/times, but with her son right there was too much for me.

I went to the Funny Bone tonight. A newbie was suppose to come, but he didn't show up and I was iffy on staying. However L and her date showed up and I sat with them. It was no hardship for me since a couple sat next to us and the woman had the most exquisite breast I've ever seen and I'm not a breast man. Anyway just so you know L is nuts so I won't have to explain why she's out with a bipolar alcoholic who doesn't know when to shut up. This was there 3rd date and he hasn't tried anything with her. After I met him I knew why. He had joined my singles group not to long ago and when I saw his picture I thought this guy is gay. So I passed this little info on to L who is wondering what's going on since he already dropped her off without even a kiss after she pretty touchy feely with him at the Funny Bone.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

love the foxy single mom sighting, think it's great you take chances!!!

PS the spoon post is up for ya, LOL!

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