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Sane Friends

WANTED: Normalcy

When I went out yesterday I couldn't believe how my body decompressed from everything happening at the house. The landlord is in full speed mode and emotionally I'm having a hard time keeping up. I crave some normalcy. I was very happy to sleep over Asp's place last night. It was great to see her, but be in a normal environment. I did find out this morning that her son has accepted me which is a good thing. Anyway sleeping and sex last night were problematic with everything happening. My mind was racing all over the place. It was totally weird since I've never not been able to focus on sex. Asp finally suggested we close the door to her room during the night. Boy did her cat have a fit about that.

Asp has been good at grounding me in all this and has offered me to come over anytime to have some normalcy. She asked me to go with her to a friend's Christmas party in a few weeks which is cool. Both her and her son sent me birthday cards which was very sweet. Christmas Eve we're suppose to get together with friends to celebrate before she leaves to go see her mom.

I was going to grab a nap when I got home this morning, but my landlord started asking me questions as soon as I walked in about after his passing. Enigma and the kids were packing. I couldn't take it so I grabbed a shower and headed to Starbucks. His ex should be here today and hopefully some of the flurry of activity will slow down.

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I hope things settle down soon. This is a lot to handle. I wonder how Enigma is handling it.


sorry things are so chaotic, you definitely need some quiet, meditative time....

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