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I was telling OVDC and German girl that I'm trying to slow things down with Asp. Not for any red flags, but just processing time. At this point I think Asp would have me at her place every night which for 3 weeks is a bit much. I think I'll max out at 3 nights at her place. I do like Asp, but I don't want to speed through this on sex and good feelings. OVDC was saying that Asp really did like me to have me over so much which I knew. However it's always good to hear it from someone else.

I met my landlord's ex last night and she was a nice person. I do something I do a lot with people that have money or positions of power. I put them on a high pedestal which makes me feel less than. It really causes me a lot of anxiety. Their was no need for it and for many parts of the evening my medical expertise was needed. I was happy that my attorney recommendation worked out for the landlord for his will, trusts, etc. It did focus him which gave him his sanity back. The guy is a very logical person and when it's outside the box like a lot of his health is now he can become insane. I was very happy for the night because it was pretty normal which helped me. We sorted out more of my care taker job. It could be for the long haul since the house is worth a lot. I learned the people across the street started selling their house at 1.2 million and are down to 750K and still can't sell it. So I could be here for a while. The good thing is that I have friends in the industry to get a heads up when things are starting to turn.

The Photographer called today to reschedule her appointment. Why? Because she was losing a pound a day. She's being tested up the wazoo to find out the problem. I felt like saying what is everyone dying around me.

I did my stats for the office and I'm up 13% for the year from last year. I'm happy it's up, but I had hoped it would be more. I still need to make 10k more a year to be making a normal salary again instead of the McDonald wages I earn now.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

WHOA.....EVERY NIGHT? waaaay to much for a new relationship.

well..in my opinion anyway. I would run a mile if someone wanted to see me every night. but thats just me...


I'm feeling you on the too many nights a week thing. As much as I like sleeping next to someone, it's definately good to keep it at a limit when a relationship is new.

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