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What Did I Just Say?

Tonight Asp and I did our usual talk on the phone. It was lighter and funnier than usual which is probably from a weekend getting closer to each other. There is always a pregnant pause after we say goodnight to each other and say that we'll talk the next day. Today there wasn't one. It flew out of my mouth faster than thought. "I love you a lot." I couldn't believe it came out of my mouth so I just got off the phone after I said it. I would like to hope she didn't hear it, but I know she did.

In the past I've always flown on the high emotion of the early relationship which is lust and said, "I love you." Not that I didn't mean it, but I've come to learn it's just too early to say it. So this time around I was feeling good. I had no want to say it. So where the hell it came from tonight is beyond me. My hope is that it doesn't negatively affect the relationship since I really do like Asp. Oye.

2 people had cathartic therapy:


If she doesn't bring it up tomorrow, will you? What will you say?!


Ouch! Some men are scary. Then again she mighten run a mile like I would if I heard that...

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