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Well I was surprised to find the landlord home last night. He checked himself out of the hospital. Up to yesterday the medical staff was telling him that they would get him in any hospital that he wanted. It would just be a phone call. Well that all changed yesterday when pathology stopped by to tell him his results. They told him to bring his beggar's hat when he went to John Hopkins which was a complete turn around. So him and his ex are leaving today to head north. I was surprised that he wouldn't be coming back. I figured with the change in life expectancy that he would stay around a bit or come back after treatment to take care of stuff. However this is the age of technology and things can be done from anyplace. So today I start being alone in the house. Tonight I'll see what I'm left with and start planning out meals. Since I'm cooking I'll start bringing my lunch to work more often again.

With these changes I think I'll try to make Wednesday a standing day with Asp and then the rest of the time would be over the weekend. That will give me enough time at the home to take care of anything plus not disrupt things that I need to get done. Plus not have to drive all over the city which is starting to take a toll on my gas tank. I'll know better once the utilities come in to better budget my meals. I'll need to make a journey into my storage unit for my cook books which are who knows where in there.

I did find out that Inverse has already blown it with her parents who spent their life savings to set her up down there. She's suppose to be coming back to the city. I thought she would have at least made it a few months. I feel really bad for lost who is just a ping pong ball being bounced around. I've lived that life and it's no fun.

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