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Sane Friends

It's Official

Asp and I became BF and GF last night. It was funny Saturn girl asked her at the hockey game if we were. Asp said she thought we were so Saturn girl said to make sure. We've been joking around with the BF and GF titles ever since.

The Meet & Greet went well last night. About half the people showed that RSVP'd which kind of sucked, but a bunch of new people did come out which is good. Lubo's is a great place to be social at so it worked out. Afterwards we met up with Savant and Saturn girl at the hockey game. I learned many things there.

  • The stereotype of fighting is real. While there weren't many fights that's what everyone demanded even the 5 year old in front of us. The guys next to us didn't care for the game just were waiting for someone to kick the shit out of someone.

  • Sportsmanship was very high with the cheer of you suck when the home team scored.

  • I have no clue why they change players every freaking 30 seconds.

  • There seems to be no rules. I actually want to Google hockey rules today since penalties seem very arbitrary to me.

It was nice to have Asp's place all to ourselves. Her son was staying at a friends so nakedness was the uniform of the night and it was great. Sleep was at an all time low with a every 2 hour schedule. So I need a nap when I get out of the office today and before I go hiking.

We started sharing our secrets last night which was a fun new step. Up to this point I hadn't stated that I had dated the Photographer, but that came up last night. I was wondering if it would or not, but she asked if I had dated anyone in the group that was still in it.

I'm staying on course with not spending every night at her place even though she would like me to. I would too, but I know I need to keep my life still going. Also I'll be sleeping over Sunday night and staying with her most of the day Monday to celebrate our first month of being together.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Yay ! This is so great, congratulations.

Sharing secrets........... I would have to do that little by little. If a guy started asking me to tell him my secrets at once I would give him one, a weak one at that.

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