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Dribs and Drabs

It was a rainy Sunday here. It's kind of strange in the house right now. While the landlord's daughters grew up in the house it's probably been 20 years since they were there. I feel like and intruder in their home and they act like they're a intruder in mine. It's kind of funny. Everyone has been very nice so their has been no problems. I believe the one daughter left last night. My landlord's brother should be down during this week. I'm not quite sure if the landlord will stay until the end or start travelling around. It seems to change every time I talk to him.

To enjoy some me time I ran some errands and scored the Kung Fu Panda DVD for $4. I was stoked. Hey it doesn't take much. It was a bad Starbucks day. I stopped by my usual one and got a grande to relax and read with. It wasn't made well. Later that evening I took Asp and her son to one for drinks and got another badly made one.

Asp and I spent the rainy afternoon in bed together since her son was visiting his half brother. It was a nice way to pass the time. She opened up more about the abuse in her life and I did the same. We are progressing along very well. Due to a computer problem are day hanging out today didn't fully work out. She had to go in to work in the early afternoon. However we got to sleep in and enjoy each other's company with the house empty which is always a joy. Tomorrow night I'll be making dinner for all of us.

Work today has been a bit of a chaos fest. I finally got all my diagnostic equipment delivered today. It's been coming in dribs and drabs for the last few days. My massage room is a freaking mess with the stuff. I'm not quite sure where I'm going to put it Wednesday when there is a massage. I think I'm going to shut the room down for massage since I'm make no money with it. For the pennies I get it's just not worth the hassle. Now I just need to get my training done on it over the next 2 days.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
It must be strange, like you say, having the landlords family in and out. I sure hope your landlord recovers.


have to say that it is a reallll big bummer when starbucks mucks up a latte, all burnt and bitter and nasty!!!


It really does suck when Starbuck screws up your order. I can deal with that from any other coffee joint, but not from Starbucks.

Asp is really the only girl you blogged about where you seem relaxed and content.


Don'tcha just HATE crap coffee. uggghhh

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