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Sane Friends

That Holiday Feeling

While lying together the other day Asp stated that she liked me because I didn't play games. It was nice to have it recognized. I told her I liked that about her too and that she's a good partner. In every thing we've done together she's been considerate and we've put our heads together to solve problems. Last night I helped her put up lights on her house. It was fun and the first time I every did outdoor lights. I have to admit that this has been a nice holiday season with Asp. For the last 6 years, holidays have been a null thing since I haven't been with anyone through them. So it's nice to have something awaken in my again. While at times there is a lot of processing since the last time holiday festivities were celebrated I was married.

Tomorrow night is my Holiday Meet & Greet with the singles. We have a record number of people signed up for it. Now we'll see how many show up. It'll be nice to go out with Asp even though I will be floating around mingling with all the new people. The great thing is that her son is spending the night over a friends so we'll have the place to ourselves which will be a first. The only bad thing is that I'll need to leave early to treat patients in the morning.

I did hear from the landlord and he's in John Hopkins hospital. When I called him back he was tired so I didn't get an update. I just gave him the information he needed.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

So nice to hear that you have someone to spend the holidays with.

I hope your landlord gets better.

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