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Sane Friends

It's Party Time

Well my Christmas party went well last night. As usual a few people who RSVP'd didn't show. We all had fun and I was happy that Asp had a fun time since she was the odd person out. It was fun introducing my girlfriend around. I get enough positive responses from my FB admission. Asp is reluctant to announce that she is the person I'm in a relationship with. It's all personal preference and I'm okay with it. Her son did well on his own and I had to comfort Asp that she wasn't a bad mom. We talked that this will probably happen more in the future. Whether she goes out or he does as he gets older. One more Holiday party to go.

I tell you part. Part of me just wants to curl up in a ball alone somewhere. Home life is a changing everyday so it's hard to get settled. Sleep overs at Asp are great, but I just like my alone time. So I'm trying to find a balance in there for me.

I think at some point I'll mention to Asp the "put downs". She worries about her son being emotionally/mentally healthy. One thing Asp will do is when things get stressful she can put herself down. Over time that will wear down any one's self-esteem. Children pick up on our coping mechanism whether they be healthy or not. I haven't said anything yet, but I can feel it coming soon.

I seem to have been accepted into Asp's household. Her son talks with me now about different things which is great. Her male cat Elliot has bonded to me it seems. I've been told he doesn't like many people. So I was surprised to find him most nights wedged up against my back. I know most kids and animals bond to me pretty easily. Now if I can just get him some socks to cover those claws of his.

Tonight will find me back home and the last night for awhile of peace and quiet in the house. Children and grandchildren arrive Sunday and the noise will begin.

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