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Is there something you're not telling me?

I'm a red blooded American. Although I wouldn't mind meeting an American with different colored blood, but that's for another Craig's List Ad. Anyway I'm use to getting the standard erection problems, blue pill, etc ads clogging my spam box. I actually think I had it down to about 1-2 a week. However since the holidays have started it's like 2-3 a day in there. Is everyone scared they're going to have a Blue Balls Christmas or something? Or has Asp put me on some unknown list and hasn't told me? Since her son will be home tonight I don't think any Italian Chandelier will be happening. I think we'll have to wait for the weekend. She'll have him somewhere Friday night since it's our monthly Meet & Greet for the singles group. We should have the place to ourselves afterwards hopefully.

I went home early last night and the landlord was still there so we were able to go over a few more things. Boy he looked 15 years older than last Monday. He lost a lot of weight. They left last night on their way to John Hopkins and depending on how all that goes will depend on if I'll see him again. If all goes well he'll come back to the house for a while. If not he'll stay up in Northern Virginia near to his family. So the place is now mine for the moment. I'll know in a few weeks if he's coming back and if not I'll reorganize the refrigerator and pantry for my use.

I'll be happy when the holidays are over. While I have to admit Christmas is my favorite holiday followed by Halloween. Everyones focus is on the holidays and their health takes a back seat and it's dead here in the office. Money will be tight for awhile. I'm happy that I'll be cooking at the house so I can bring lunch to the office to help off set the slowness.

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Those ads always make me laugh.


Hehehe, direct result of internet searches and porn subscriptions. All your research into Christian Nymphos and Italian Chandeliers caused your increase... LOL


What is an Italian chandelier ?


I'm not even a guy and I STILL get flooded with those penis emails. I h*te them.


Senorita - just go back one entry for everything you wanted to know but where afraid to ask.


Hi Mike,
So sorry to hear about your landlord ... he sounds like a nice guy from all your previous entries.

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