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For the Love of Cats

So no Asp never did mention anything about my "I love you" comment and I was happy for it. Honestly not a single woman I've ever dated and said those words has commented on them. Usually it takes a few times mostly because I'm never looking for anything in return. I'm usually just sharing how I feel. However in this instance I wasn't trying to do anything. I know it's way to early for love to have developed and we're still in the "lust" phase. On the other hand sex was pretty freaking awesome yesterday. Not having to worry about her son and being someplace else than the bed was great.
The landlord's family is going back north for the holidays. So it will be nice to have the house to myself for a week. The weekend after New Years will be a zoo since most of the family will be coming for his funeral on the 4th.

Not having Eric in my physical presence and my ex not keeping me in the loop with him I miss out on a lot of parenting. All those years of learning and thinking things out is kind of going to waste. So I'm happy when Asp ask me for advice when she's having a problem with her son. A lot of it is just boy stuff, but some I think is me. Her son has been use to having Asp at his disposal whenever he wanted her. Now he has to take turns. I've seen it at the house over the years with the mixture of families. Kids start acting out more to get the attention they feel is loss.

The funny thing is that Asp's cat Elliot who doesn't get along with her son and is okay with her has taken a shine to me. Every time I'm over there I awake to him wedged up against me in bed. The good thing is that he's not looking for someone to shake his food bowl on those mornings.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Glad you're getting laid on a regular basis now.

Merry Christmas. I hope that the chaos dies down soon.


I hope your Christmas is filled with joy, love and laughter.


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