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Blessed Silence

So I had the house all to myself last night and it was great. Somethings were moved around and I know the landlord's ex will be here for awhile when she comes back. I'll need to come up with a nickname for her since she will probably be gracing these pages for a while. The landlord has a lot of stuff that needs to be processed. He was very organized which was good, but a lot of the stuff is expensive like all the Hummels. So it's going to take a while. The week long vacation from anyone in the house corresponds to Asp's trip so I'm going to fully enjoy it.

The office today will be a joke probably, but I'm here for a few hours to see if anyone needs any last minute treatment before the go away which is the norm. At the least I'll get a few more things done around here.

With the extra space I'm getting back to my normal state. I scheduled several events for the singles over the next month. It had gotten a little sparse over the holidays which I don't like. I've always kept the group very active and I schedule the most events. As the old saying go, "since I'm the one in charge, I'm the one that steers the ship."

The most interesting thing that differs this year is that so many more people care about my life and well-being which is new and nice. It's something I've never had so it's a great feeling.

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