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Well I learned today that the owner of my business property died and the daughters have hired a property manager to run the place. Nothing official has been stated, but I would expect something before lease renewal happens. Hopefully everything stays the way it is.

The weekend with Asp went well. She was sick and a bit cranky from it. More from having to keep her son doing his stuff and the house being dirty. She apologized for it. I didn't take it personally since I knew it had nothing to do with me. I did have a dream that night with her becoming my ex. I had to work it through when I woke up during the night that they weren't the same person. We did talk about it the next day.

I'm enjoying being part of something this holiday season and it's making it special for me. I thanked Asp for having me be part of all her family stuff. Cookie making was on board yesterday. I organized her cabinets for her. Asp is short and her cabinets are tall and I think the construction guy played a sick joke on her. She can only reach the bottom of the cabinet and her son the second one. The next 3 have to be ladder accessible. So I moved shelves and while there helped get rid of a lot of stuff.

The landlord's second daughter arrived sometime this weekend. So it's now a house full of women. The grandson likes me a lot so that works out. The ladies are very nice, but it's a different feel in the house. Besides that every freaking light is on in the place. I'm not quite sure what their plans are yet and I'm not quite sure if they know yet.

Dealing with my Mom Saturday was a little rough. She was lying down when I got there, but still awake which I was grateful for. However when she's lying down she doesn't want me to do anything and since I can't wheel her around there is little for me to do. She's not very responsive so I puttered around her room and checked her clothes. I felt like a round peg in a square hole since I feel I can only do for her.

I'm still enjoying my time with Asp. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with Christmas Eve plans. We're getting together with Savant and I believe his kids and Saturn girl and her kids. So from no one to a gaggle of people. I do like intimate present time than this whole big ordeal, but we'll see.

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Dontcha hate all the lights on? drives me crazy too...
never happens in my house.

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