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Whoops I see I made a social mistake. Sooz pointed out that I forgot to mention what Asp got me for the holidays. Since she knows I'm starting to cook again she got me 2 cook books. One was a dairy free one which was awesome since I do cut out a lot of recipes with dairy ingredients. Yes I've become highly lactose intolerant in my older age. What I did find out is that Filipinos are the most lactose intolerant people in the world. Thanks Mom. She also got me a cookbook with a bunch of recipes with few ingredients so I can cook with ease. Something I like since I'm only doing it for myself. The other two were gift cards to Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. If she didn't buy so much for everyone else I would be worried. I do see her codependent parts starting to leak out everywhere. Part of my comfort with her is this since my Mom and Ex were this way and they're the biggest female influences in my life. The other is that I know I feel safe with her and I can say what I need to without retribution. I just have to make sure to do this.

It's surprisingly warm here today; almost 60. I'm taking care of a few things in the office this morning before I head over to OVDC to get some treatment. This afternoon I'm spending it with the singles playing pool. On the way home I'll stop and pickup my shelves I ordered at Walmart so I can work in my storage unit tomorrow. Also I want to pick up food for the week so I don't have to keep stopping at the store every few days which is starting to suck. It's such a waste of time and energy.

Eric called me last night. I was surprised that extended family didn't come over and visit like they usually do. He had a quiet Christmas and I didn't ask what he got from his mom like usual. However I do wonder if my ex can't get him the airport did she get him anything for Christmas. He did really like the new Wimpy Kid book I sent him and the new Indiana Jones DS game. So at least on that end he was happy.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I haven't been reading lately, but Sooz sounds quite considerate - and feeling safe with someone is a very very good thing ! Glad you have such useful cookbooks.

Happy New Year to you, Mike.

The gift cards you got were great.
B&N is my favorite toystore ! (LOL).


Ooops now you made it sound like I GAVE you the gifts according to the last comment! No mind.

Yes it sounds like she loves to give lots of gifts. I, however, am a scrooge. I wish Gloria Jeans Coffee had gift cards...I can only imagine....

Must be difficult not seeing your child on Christmas.

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