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Sane Friends


So I pretty much fretted the whole night with the "I love you" statement. I wasn't planning on having this be a concern for a while now. So I texted Asp this morning with normal stuff since I wasn't touching this white elephant. You know what my answer was? Silence. That's when I freaked since she's good on responding. Asp did respond later apologizing for not responding since she had her audit today. She's in a very happy mood as well as very frisky so I guess my worrying was for nothing. Hopefully I'll be able to get out of bed in the morning.

I did find out some interesting history on the landlord this morning. His ex was married to his best friend and they had 2 girls. Then she married the landlord so the girls are his step daughters. He had no kids of his own. So I guess I should drop "your father" from my vocabulary when talking with them.

I treated myself yesterday. I stopped by Sears to pick up some new dress pants and ended up buying a new jacket which was dirt cheap. My winter jacket is 10 years old and my leathor jacket needs to be retired again since it's lining needs to be replaced. I remember when I got my winter jacket. I was thinking of getting a new one and then Eric puked all over it which made the decision for me. Since one of my patients gave me a gift card to Applebees I decided to treat myself for dinner. It was a nice time. Asp said she couldn't do all the things that I do alone like eating out and movies. I've done them all my single life before and after marriage so it's no big thing to me.

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Oh the stuff you find out once a person is deceased !

You know what ? I don't think you should feel bad about telling Asp that you love her if you really mean it.

I don't like her response. It obviously made her feel awkward. But the excuse she gave you was laaaame. Her telling you she didn't respond because of an "audit" was a cop-out. Because if that were really the case, she would've talked to you about it directly after she got done with the "audit" and addressed the issue at hand. She didn't do that. She waited for you to address it again. So lame.

She could've said "I love you too". But she didn't. She didn't say anything. She just left the ball in your court, which is so awkward.

Just because she's frisky doesn't cover up the fact that she didn't directly respond to your "I love you".

Another thing, acting all frisky after someone tells you "I love you" is usually a cop out way of ignoring the issue at hand instead of talking about.


Movies are easy to do alone. Dinner not so much.
He might still have thought of them as his daughters though...


I think it is sad that some people are not comfortale enough with themselves to go places by themselves. How people react about your being out by yourself also tells a lot about them. Glad you are comfortable enough to be your own person! Yay on the new jacket. It's about time!

Like Sandra, I don't like this girl's reaction. Best to guard your heart for now.



PS... Like that man's chest. LOL

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