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Sane Friends

Whoop There it Ain't

Now I like treating families in my office. It's a nice wholesome feeling unless both parties hate each other. I had a couple in this week that just bad mouthed each other during their entire appointments with me. I think I might have to attach a bitching rider to the bill. I know it happens that people don't get along, but this was just toxic. I felt weird after each appointment. Hopefully things will calm down in their lives after the new year. Yeah right.
2 more days to Asp gets back. I have to admit I got use to regular sex again. While this year I've gone long stretches without any now I'm freaking craving it after only a few days. Oye I forgot how it is to be a slave to lust.

Today I started back into a regular cycle of going to the gym. Like everything else this month, my workouts got screwed up. I at least made it to the gym once a week and kept up my walking schedule with L, but I like to keep the gym at twice a week. Asp is complaining that she gained weight at her mom's and wants some help when she gets back. I told her I would be happy to work out with her. I would rather do that than try to motivate her to do so. An you can only do the Italian Chandelier so often before it becomes tiresome. Well mostly for the Asp than me.

I tell you sometimes I can't figure people out. Asp keeps hinting she wants me to tie her up. I had suggested padded cuffs so their would be no marks. She said no then suggested silk scarves. Asp doesn't wear them and I seem to be out of them in my scarf drawer. Since I have a ton of ties I think they'll get a second job for the weekend.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

It seems strange to finally see you settled down and with someone who reminds you of your ex? OMG... So why can't you see Eric? That's just wrong!


Ties work well, or belts... If you want something more extreme, then there's also bondage tape :P

I saw a counsellor earlier in the year for my own marital difficulties. I think it's better to go on your own and get it all out of your system. Perhaps if both partners did that and then when they had been counselled into a state of mind where they were ready to listen to the other person, couples counselling might be more successful. I often wonder how counsellors cope with all the vitriol that must come out in those rooms.


Win - 6 weeks is hardly settling down. It was funny when I verbally said it to myself on our first date. Since then nothing really has been a reminder, but those few things last.

Joanna - thanks for stopping by and thanks for the suggestions. I remember when I was in marriage conseling and they stated we weren't ready for it and that we needed individual first. My ex didn't go for it either time. Guess that's why she's the ex.

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