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Moving Flirts

I haven't been around my usual Starbucks on a Sunday in a while. Since Asp had given me a gift card from there I figured I would relax with a soy chai. I grabbed a big comfy chair and relaxed with book. I was reading for a while when I felt something and I looked up. Through some people I noticed a woman looking right at me. While this is a nice thing, what struck me as noteworthy was that this is a woman I had the hots for. She meets a friend there every week it seems and the do some kind of paperwork I believe she is French. Anyway she has never paid me any kind of attention and she was never alone to try and start a conversation. I have given up on her a while back. Now to see her staring at me was a bit of a shock, more so that I just texted Asp that I missed her. I'm not going for her and I'm not dropping Asp, but was kind of a first for me. I've been married and have had women hit on me, but to actually want to meet someone and then get the interest after I'm with someone was a first.

It's the last week of the year and the last of the holidays. I can't wait for it to be over business wise. It's just so slow. I'm trying to nail down some group and cross marketing with other people, but like when you do anything with another person it's problematic.

I have this wonder if Asp wants to move out to Oklahoma with her mom. She brings it up from time to time since she could get a larger house than she has now. When asked she says she isn't doing it, but for the short time we've been together I've heard it enough times to wonder.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

That always happens, doesn't it ? You get into a relationship and all of a sudden people you were interested are now interested in you.

When I was dating my ex, men I had the hots for started trying to contact me, and I had to tell them no.

Get used to this, women can sense when a man is unavailable, and we often want what we can't have.

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