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Asp was decorated at her job today so the conversation led to Christmas. After doing to trees at work she wasn't looking forward to doing all the decoration at her place. I offered to help. Besides my 6 inch Charlie Brown tree and the lighted garland I made for my headboard that's the extent of my Christmas decorations. I do stuff in the office, but that's different. I decorated my tree about 4 years ago the first year I was here. However besides that I haven't done any true decorating and tree stuff since I was married which would have been 6 years ago. Asp always gets a real tree which will be fun for me. I've only had a live tree once in my life. It was the year we were living in Florida and my Mom's BF went into the woods with an ax and got us one. It wasn't that big. I informed Asp that my early years of life we had a aluminum Christmas tree. Hey it was the 60's. I will tell you it was a bright tree with lights.

I'm going to dust my cooking skills off now that I'm going to have to be cooking for myself again. It's been about 5 years. Most people look at me like it will be a struggle, but I cooked through 10 years of marriage. I think in that time my ex cooked 5 times. So I just have to get back in the swing of planning meals which is a little harder when it's one person. It's usually I lot of left overs.

I hear the landlord is looking better with the blood transfusion. However no results yet from any of the test performed. They're having a hard time finding his hospital doctor. If that continues tomorrow they are going to ask for another one. I have a meeting down by there in the morning so I'll stop by and see how he's doing.

I know it's the full moon this week, but holy shit. People are rescheduling or no showing like crazy this week. It was already a crap week and it's only getting worse.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

No-shows were a major part of the failure of my business. *sigh*
Hope it improves!

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