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Sane Friends

The End of the Year

Asp sent me a picture of herself today. I had missed her and I felt it more so when I saw her pic. I was surprised she sent me one since she's not one to have her picture taken. She's still on the mend from her cold and I hope she doesn't have a rough time with flying.

New Years is not my holiday. It never has been. I'm not a partier or resolution person. I never liked paying 3x the amount for something just because of the holiday. For me when I find something I need to change I just do. Waiting for a certain time or bundling them up together is just asking for failure for me. So I'll just cook dinner and relax with a DVD or 2. I want to re watch Kung Fu Hustle so that will be on deck. The landlord's ex will return tomorrow with her daughter and grandson. The rest of the family will follow for his service over the weekend. So I'm going to stay at Asp's the weekend and come back home Sunday night. It'll be nice to have the extended stay and we're planning on hanging in bed most of the day Saturday. Her son will be there so I'm not quite sure what we'll be doing.

Today I find myself working again on my under earning. If I don't watch myself I undercut myself with the business. I'm tired of just getting by since the business does walk through my door, but I don't fully get what I need to from each person. I started again with enforcing this with myself and as always it works. Now I just need to keep doing it.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Well I certainly hope business picks up for you this year. I don't think the economy can get worse.

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