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The New Year is Blind

Happy New Years to one and all! Many people were surprised I wasn't doing something special and exciting for the holiday. I was happy to be relaxing at the house with some movies. I made a last minute decision to stop at Redbox to get Inglorious Bastards. What a mistake that was. The shopping centers were mob scenes like they probably were Christmas Eve. When I finally made it to visual distance I saw the there was a line for rentals that I said screw it.

Asp and I have made are sexual requests for tonight. I suggested ear plugs for her son, but she said that wouldn't work. Besides the blindfold and scarves to tie her up I may need to add a gag to keep the noise down. She just texted me that they are about to leave the airport now to fly to Detroit where they have a long delay.

I took down all my Christmas decorations around the house today and did some cleaning before I headed out on my errands. I was hoping to get my struts replaced on my car, but I wasn't the only one with the idea. With only one mechanic working today, hopefully sober, the line was many hours long. I decided to do it during the week. I can stand the squeaking for a couple of more days.

I had hoped that the rain here last night would prevent any fireworks at the midnight hour, but I was wrong. I was promptly awoken at 12 with a bunch of the neighbors shooting them off. I think I'll grab a nap today since I know I don't sleep for long periods of time at Asp place. I think I may stop by the Redbox to see what's left so I have something to keep me occupied until I need to pick her up from the airport.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Have fun with your little sexcapades !


There's something better to put in her mouth than a gag, but I'll have to guess you two will figure it out sooner or later ;-)


I've always had a hidden fantasy about blindfolds and wrist straps.

Please keep us posted!

Estela in South TX

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