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Is it Me?

Is it just me? I've been catching up with all my blogs and I've been wanting to leave comments only to find I can't. I thought it was there blog in the beginning, but after a few of them I realized it's me. Not quite sure why, but hopefully the problem with resolve itself.

I chatted with the GF this morning to find out if this pull back or irritability is a normal thing. She said it wasn't, but didn't have a handle on why it was happening. As it stands now I'll see how it goes and how much of a life it takes on. The big thing I'm looking at now is that Asp started school again last night. So I'll see where I'm regulated to on the totem pole which will say a lot.
My ex couldn't guarantee anyone else to bring Eric to the airport so I'm going to drive up for his birthday next month. I was looking at rental car prices and the possibility of flying, but the NY cost is just too prohibited for doing so. I got his first present yesterday which was Big Bang Mini for the DS. The new Weenie book is on the way.

I did get to see the Fantastic Mr. Fox the other day. After a power outage stopping the first viewing I got to see it a few hours later. It was a fun, enjoyable movie. The stop animation made it a quirky, fresh movie. A definite Redbox rental for all.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

As a single mom who works full time and goes to school full time, I have to tell you that her time will absolutely be limited. But if she wants to make you a priority, she will...your time may just be spent helping her study rather than going out from now on. :)

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