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Sane Friends

Wild Weather

I awoke to the weather gone wild today. Here it is January and it's just shy of 70 degrees. This morning the wind was howling and the rain was coming down. Now for a few short hours the sun is out in all it's glory before the next front comes in and cools us back to normal.

Asp and I had a fun time together last night. Since I got there in the evening we didn't do much. She quickly finished her school work and we had dinner. Then we relaxed watching TV before she passed out in my arms. She seemed back to her normal self. We'll see what last over time which is the true test. I know as the weather gets warmer I'm going to want to go out and do more stuff. This winter homebody GF of mine will hopefully come along for the ride. If not it will really be a problem for me. I like being part of life and just sitting around with it passing me by is no longer an option for me. So we'll see.

Work seems to be stuck in neutral. While patients come in, new patients are down and it's hard to grow without them. So I'm not happy about that.

I got my new orthotics today. Since they were free for me I got all the bells and whistles. Comfort control, magnets, extra stabilization, etc. They sent me notice that I had severe pronation of my feet which means they roll inward. Believe me I know since I have really flat feet. With these new ones I can feel how my old ones had worn down.

Fierysaggirl pointed out that I hate grey areas which is so right. I'm totally okay with an answer which throws most people. You want to go out with me great. You don't want to see me anymore. Not happy, but I'm okay with it. However not knowing is always anxiety generating for me. Just like pre-activity is the same for me. When I'm in the thick of it, I do okay. This is what creates my problems with Asp. I enjoy being with her, but I'm not head over heels. I can't tell if she falls into the same category as Law girl did. She was an abnormality for me as I was for her. Law girl was the only normal woman I ever dated for any length of time. I was the nice guy she never had. It never fully got off the ground cause they wasn't a lot of excitement there, but exotic characteristics attracted us to each other. Like I've said before time will tell.

On a side note I think my mini-refrig just died today. I have no reason why since it's only a few years old.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Why would you settle for someone you are not head over heels in love with ? Since you've mentioned that, she doesn't sound like the girl. Especially since she's been so unpredictable.

Good luck.

Nice weather, though. The weather here in CA sucks ass.

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