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The Threat

We have the threat of a snow storm here and they are actually calling for a decent amount. Now being a native NYer, the threat of 4-7 inches of snow is like "that's nice." However here in the south it's the coming of the apocalypse. Events were being cancelled yesterday. A single flake hasn't even fell as normal, but everyone become Chicken Little and starts running that the sky is falling. The city wide school/parent event was cancelled. Don't we have a snow alert system to cancel school in the event of bad weather. The coliseum cancelled its Winter Festival Concert which I find ironic and very weird. That's just a loss of money and if it doesn't snow which is the norm down here you'll be kicking yourself. Asp is already asking if I'm cancelling my bowling event tomorrow. My motto is I'll believe it when I see it.

This afternoon has become remover the clutter from the office. It's time for that review of everything around my desk to see if its really necessary. Two garbage bags out to the dumpster later and I can feel a little lighter sitting here. I'll need to do my drawers another day.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It's because folks in the south can't drive in the cold. They're ignorant about black ice, and they're DANGEROUS behind the wheel. It's a shame too, bc it's uncalled for.

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