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Unwanted Visitors

Since my first appointment forgot that it was today I had some extra time before my next appointment. So over the past month my other blog has been slowly been over run with spam comments and this one started yesterday. With the extra time I did some house cleaning of them all. What a freaking pain and a bit violating. It's like someone breaking into your place and wrecking the joint.

Last night Savant and Saturn girl came over Asp for all of us to play some games and hang out. They finished off a bottle of sangria which didn't sit well with Asp. Her head was bothering her the entire night. She sleeps the sleep of the dead, but even last night she was beyond that. It was weird leaving her sleeping in bed this morning.

Tonight is game night for the singles. Asp is happy to have kids over her house, but feels bad about asking other parents to do the reverse. She has really put off finding someplace for her son tonight and I don't know if she is making it or not tonight. I'll see what's up when I return to her place after work and I visit my Mom.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

ur busy!
sorry u got hit with spam!


In a previous place of employment we had a piece of software that enabled you to text a mobile phone from your computer. Have you considered a system like this - sms alerts to remind the customers of their appointments. A PAIN, I know, however the cost would be offset by people actually turning up and PAYING rather than sitting there for 1/2 - 1 hour making no money.

It shouldn't be necessary [people are so self involved these days!] but it might be worth investigating. Sorry, I dont recall what the computer program was.

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