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Sane Friends

The Monday Run

It's been a busy day today. Mostly the meetings outside the office make it seem that way, but people continue to call to come in which is fine by me. Since I had one of my meetings down by my Mom is changed my visit to today. I think she is deteriorating more mentally. She's not answering me anymore nor is she really talking to my brother on the phone. She would at least talk to him. Today I could see her breathing change as he asked her questions and I'm guessing she wants to answer, but doesn't know what to say. For a person not doing anything she is still good physically which means she'll probably last a long time.

I visited Asp last night for birthday cake with her son and his friends. Savant and Saturn girl had already passed through. She had been hoping for a relaxing night, but with 6 boys in the house that wasn't happening. Stopping the physical interchanges and conversations about STDs topped the list. When we texted this morning she was happy to send them outside to burn off some of that extra energy.

Having the house to myself is starting to normalize. The days I spent at Asp disrupt my natural habits, but I'm settling in to a routine. Long term food preparation and cleaning the place have commenced.

Running to much today to delve into my feelings.

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