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Sane Friends

Oh it be alright

It was nice last night with the GF checking to see if I would have my car all repaired before I headed to NY so that I would be safe. She's still not good at accepting gratitude from me when she does something nice. Asp isn't use to having nice things done for her.

We were chatting this morning about Aunt Flow being in town and what she was doing to feel better. I was explaining that I was changing decorations in the office. Even though its still cold outside, winter was over for the office and hearts had taken over. Valentine's had officially come to the office. The GF really made my jaw drop with her next statement. She didn't like hearts and thought the holiday was stupid. A girl thinking Valentine's day was stupid? I didn't think that was possible. She had some weird reason about it not being based on anything and just a commercial holiday. We passed it back and forth and I just let it go after a while. I kind of wanted to say, "so do you want me to take your presents back?" However I knew that was a wise ass remark so I passed. Again like the last paragraph I don't think she has any good memories of the holiday. I could be wrong and I'll see how it goes.

Paperwork, phone calls, and marketing are starting to get to me. I'm starting to get some bites on my cross marketing which is good, but it does make more work for myself. The big difference in the work load now is that it needs to be done today. I can push it off, but then nothing happens which makes all the previous work moot. I still need to prepare for a 10 minute talk tomorrow night. I already know what I want to say, but since it's brand spanking new I know I should have it outlined and practiced. However I don't want to. Hey I can be 3 when I want to.

Don't hate me, but I have a really hard time gaining weight. I can lose weight at the drop of the hat, but the other way is a uphill struggle. So I'm always amazed at how much people can gain in a week or two. I haven't seen MK lady for 2 weeks since she went away for training. Even when she was pregnant she didn't gain any excess weight. I saw her yesterday and I felt like saying, "are you having an allergic reaction to something?" Cause she had puffed up that fast. I've never seen her like that in the 3 years I've known her.

I'm really needing to schedule ever thing I do. From working out to dusting the house. As time gets tighter and tighter I have to make sure I use my free time to the best I can. On a side note it was funny when I got home last night. All the baby pines in the front yard were gone. I have to admit the landlord had the yard like a botany experiment with everything just growing wild. Sapling litter the yard and most of the green on the land is moss. What makes all this very strange is that this is a wealthy neighborhood and the yard really stands out. I was talking to the neighbor who is helping keep the place nice last night. He was so happy to have those pines gone. I agree the place looks a lot better with them gone.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Happened across your blog through Someone else's. Awesome writing. I will have to make some time to sit and go back through some of the older posts. Keep up the great work.


As a woman myself I think V-day is overrated and all about the commercial $$. Showing your love/affection/intimacy in special ways on random days speaks volumes more than spending your cash on V-day along with the rest of the planet.

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