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Yesterday was a big day in "letting go". My mid-day meeting started it all and I'm happy I kept my mouth shut with most of what I wanted to say, but I should have made some suggestions to help things move along. However trying to get everyone to do it my way wouldn't have helped anything.

Last night I had my presentation with two other fellow business people. It was designed to be short with each of us talking for 10 minutes. The first person talked for 30. I had to admit I was pretty good with it, but I knew she was way over her time by boredom slipping into my mind. It wasn't that her information was bad it's just natural to have people drift after a while. The second person went for 20 with lots of interruptions. I've run a lot of meetings over the years and I've gotten use to regular group meetings following rules. Like not butting in your 2 cents when you have a speaker talking. I was comfortable doing my part until I got there. People had asked me to talk about things they can do at work to stay healthy so I had gotten a few exercises for people to do. Someone had invited a personal trainer and I could feel my insecurity hit me. I was able to work through it without panicking, but it was a workout for a while. I did my 10 minutes and I was worried my closing was weak, but didn't have to worry since someone butted in and then everyone just started talking so I just left it with thanking everyone for coming out since I was the last person.

I had planned a late night movie afterwards with the singles to see Men Who Stare at Goats, but the website was wrong and they didn't have it playing. Nothing else was remotely interesting so it was good to get home.

Asp was a bit spent when I talked to her. Her son hadn't done a presentation due this week and had hid it from her through his birthday weekend. So she was pretty pissed and grounded him for the weekend. She wasn't quite sure if we were getting together tonight. I couldn't quite discern if it was this or something else causing this decision. I guess I'll find out later when she lets me know. Since I have to work in the morning and scheduled a beach walk with L tomorrow it's not too bad to not see her tonight, but the weekend will be a bit much.

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