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Here Comes the Sun

Well it was nice to see Asp all normal again Friday night. She was even happy about it, but really didn't have an answer. We spent a nice night together. Saturday we took her son and some friends paint balling. We met up with Saturn girl and Savant with his kids. It was fun to watch them all go in and shoot it up. We had to prod the little kids to be more assertive in the game than just standing there in a group. They were just getting killed way to easy. Asp tried a few shots on the practice range. It was fun to watch her. She said she got marksman and shooting awards/badges in the Coast Guard. With her long jacket she looked pretty serious.

While we were there a guy came to play. He had a large suitcase of gear. He has sponsors to play. His gun has a microchip in it and cost somewhere around $1300. Holy shit someone takes paint ball very serious. His gun was like an Uzi with paint balls flying out of it.

I did find something out about myself. One thing that the GF complains about is that I say things and she takes it that I think she's stupid. What happens is that she gets in her zone. Like when we're food shopping and I'll say something is on this aisle. She'll say she knows since she always shops there. For me I start to feel left out when she's in that zone and I try to get back into it with being helpful. It's an old coping mechanism of being helpful to be loved. In this situation I'm going to have to be more active than responsive to get through it all.

After a long day yesterday Asp was a bit tired and irritable. She didn't pull away which was good, but things just bother her. I'm trying to figure her patterns out, but it's taking time.

Today is her son's birthday so I left early this morning so that they could hang and prepare for his sleep over tonight. I'll head back over later for when they serve cake.

I was going to see the Fantastic Mr. Fox today since it got rave reviews, but due to a power outage it was cancelled. I'll try to see it later on before I head over to the GF's house.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

What's wrong with this picture? You, Mike, the ever optimistic, happy Sagg man is devoted to making things work through issues early in the relationship. You write that she's moody and lets things get to her. She freezes up and pushes you away, yet you still stick around and even bought her Valentine's gift. You must feel like you have to walk on eggshells never knowing what to say or how to say it. Here I am the ever honest, sincere, witty, attractive, outgoing, nurturing person that unknowingly casts dissappearing spells on men that make them run. Where is the guy that already bought my Valentine's gifts? Or will help string my Christmas lights? Or come over and cook dinner?? Because if he shows up, I sure as heck would treat him better than you're being treated. I know it's harsh and not what you want to hear. But if these are the bullets you are dodging now, what will it be like in ten years?


Sagg girl - I've heard others say that they want me to be cherished in a relationship so You're not off base. Coming from my relationship background its all a learning thing for me. Like I use to tell my friends when I was married. When I think I deserve better I'll have it and not a second before.


I'm with FierySaggGirl on this one Mike, though I understand all too well what you mean by your response. Just try to remember that her issues are just that...HER issues.

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