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Well it was nice to see the old Asp last night when I got to her place. We hung for a little while before trying to finish up her homework so we could hang out. She apologized for acting weird and started to explain when we interrupted by her son. So she asked if we could talk about it later when we had privacy.

Later when I sensed it wasn't coming back up I started prodding her about it. She would say it was hard to explain and try to let it die again. About the fourth or fifth time she opened up. If you don't know I'm tenacious with stuff you don't know me. Anyway she said she's been single for a long time now changing has been hard and she's been feeling closed in. Because of all of this she's been taking what I've been doing the wrong way. She went on to say she had been talking to her mom who pointed that out. Her mom has been my biggest supporter. The example was a few weeks ago she had put a few bags of laundry by the washing machine. I noticed the cats were upset and when I checked on them I saw that they couldn't get to their food because of the bags. I informed her of the problem and I asked if she mind me moving the bags. Asp took it as that I needed someone to tell me what to do. Her mom informed her that I was respecting her stuff. This has come up often as I ask to use stuff around her house. Usually it's followed by her telling me not to ask just do it. However until I get that green light with stuff I treat it as it's not mine to touch. Hey my Mom taught me well. So it was a nice night of letting the energy start to flow again with us.

Today has been a slow start. I had two meetings in the morning that both were rescheduled. So I'm biding my time until my patients come in. Tonight I have game night with the singles which will be fun. It's mostly a new crowd which will be fun.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I *love* that she had enough trust to finally open up and tell you what was wrong. Thank goodness she has someone to talk to about it and admit where she's been reading things wrong.

You're off to a great start from the sounds of it. Yay! I like this!


Never trust a man that is too nice! Congrats! Neither of you jumped ship and actually talked it through. Great news! Would you please ask Asp's mother to call someone for me? I like that lady.


It sure helps to have an advocate, doesn't it? Good for you, and congratulations on earning that honor. That says a lot about the caliber of person you are, and Asp is very lucky.

Be well.


Asp's mom is right-on! Bright lady. :o)

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