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Type A Cuddling

Okay I'm going to be like a drunk driver here and be all over the place. Keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times and everyone should be okay.

The GF got a haircut yesterday and it looked great. We had fun hanging out last night after we had her porcupine meatballs. Things seem to be stabilizing back out again. I was happy one of her cats didn't visit us too much through the night. For some reason he has taken a shine to me which he doesn't even do to Asp's son. So in the middle of the night he wants my attention like petting or something. Last night he got the message not to do that. The weird thing that happens during the night is that my ex and Asp interchange in my mind. It only happens while I'm half asleep. Thinking about it, she is the first woman that I've slept and cuddled with since my marriage. L like to cuddle a little when falling asleep, but not once asleep. The Planner you couldn't touch while she was sleeping. She didn't want anyone in the same bed as her while she was sleeping. So I can see this is going to take sometime to overwrite what's in my brain.

I had a big surprise when I went to my business lunch meeting. I was running it. My business coach who usually runs it was a no show which was weird and since I'm the other person that makes it happen. I had responsibility thrust on me. Over all it went well, but I don't think we moved forward any. I'm a type A personality and anal in a good way as my friend Paul would describe. So I walked out of there stressed since nothing was really accomplished. I know with out concrete goals nothing will happen.

Getting back to the office I found that I need to call Medicare to solve getting paid problems. This is the worse insurance company to call since its so hard to get to a human being to get an answer. Plus not all customer service people are created equal in their help. So to try to avoid a stroke or brain aneurysm I headed to Starbucks to relax. At the least I was able to finish up my talk for tonight's lecture. Hey better late than never.

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My best friend does medical billing for a clinic here, and she absolutely HATES having to deal with Medicaid or Medicare...sorry Mike. :(


Hmmm... the snuggle factor is always interesting in relationships. Some people want to touch all night and others want their space. I guess its all part of figuring out how to be together.


Ideally I wouldn't want anyone sleeping in the same bed as me. But honestly, if I were happily involved with someone, I would learn to get over it.


Health Insurance companies are no different over here. If you do get a real person, they're not normally native English speakers and they tend to answer the question they think you've asked rather than give you the information you need. It's very hard work, especially as you're talking about medical matters :(

As to cuddling, I love it when Ruf cuddles me to sleep. Inevitably one of us gets arm ache just before we drift off but we're always touching each other in our sleep.

When I used to go back to sleeping in the marital bed after a long weekend with Ruf, in my half-asleep state, I used to have to be very careful not to reach over and try to cuddle my then husband as any form of attention was seen as an initiation for sex and then Id have to fight him off.

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