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Let's Talk About Sex

It was an interesting weekend. Game night went great and we had a lot of people show up. Savant and Saturn girl got there late so they were at the other table. I wondered how Asp would do with that since she is always with them at Game night. It went well. When we left her son wanted to sleep at his friend's house so Asp came back to my place to spend the night. I was happy to share my place and stuff with her. She didn't do to well on my firmer bed, but it was nice waking at my place with her at my side. Then I made breakfast for us. It was fun. The only bump in the road which has come up before is that when we've been sexually active throughout the night. At some point I'm on empty. So we'll have sex, but I'm not going to orgasm which is okay by me. However Asp takes it very personal. We've had the talk that it's all me, but it's not sinking in. She's starting to get resistant to having sex if I'm not going to orgasm. Besides the first time I have no guarantees. My body recharges differently day to day. I'm starting to feel a little anxiety about this so I'm going have to talk to her about this.

Our pool plans got sidetracked with her son's soccer clinic so we pushed it off. The rest of the day Asp was a little off. I think with her house fitting in my garage as she states got to her for some reason. It did make me a little skittish , but I get off too so it did pass.

I was going to get Asp a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret for Valentine's day, but she fell in love with my water pillow so I think I'll get her that instead. Now I just have to wait for all the silver jewelry I ordered from China to arrive.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I can understand why she takes it personally. Because we know most men will say anything to avoid confrontation. That includes telling white lies of why he can't orgasm.

I know you're being honest, but it really is hard to tell with men sometimes.


A water pillow? Do I NEED one of these?

Anxiety will get you nowhere but in bed without a hard on! So lose the anxiety asap.


Have you thought to ask her if she orgasms every time? I know that I don't because sometimes, it just feels good to have that closeness and yeah - recharge! There doesn't have to be a goal. Remind her not to put so much pressure on herself to reach a goal with you. Let her know that you don't expect the same of her.

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