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Sane Friends

Shiny Isn't It?

As I'm the events person for one of my business groups, I still can't believe I'm the person involved in social activities. Anyway it went well with myself having the most guests come. I was happy that others had people come to because I would have went ape shit if I was the only one working this. The funny thing is that many of the people who came knew people in the room already. It's not rocket science people. I met all these people for the first time this morning so it wasn't any easier for me to invite guest that others wanted.

The girl friend was enchanted with Savant's old engagement ring last night. She had helped him pick it out years ago when he was dating her friend. They broke up and he wants to sell it since he paid a lot for it. I'm hearing it was over 10K. No offense ladies I can't see spending that much on a piece of jewelry when the money could be used for better investment. Anyway she kept going on and on about I had to see it which was a good segway into me asking when we were getting together again. She said she didn't know since her accounting class was going to kick her ass. Since she didn't give me anything on when she would know or a possibility of when it would be. Last week I have to admit I had a fuck you attitude when this came up. This week I'm better with it. I made plans to keep myself occupied with openings Friday and Sunday night which just fell that way. I'm not going to ask her like last week. It's her stuff that's dictating our schedule so I'll wait to see when she wants to get together.

I couldn't believe when I talked to Eric last night. I knew he wasn't sick, but his voice was deeper. Another step in my son getting older. As always there is a lot of pain that goes with it. I miss so much of his life and I grieve it. Here again is another step.

My mini fridge in the office died today and services will be help later this afternoon. I was going to get another one from Walmart, but they didn't have anymore in 100 miles of me. WTF? So I looked on Craig's list and found someone looking to get rid of one cheap. Like he said its just clutter for him and wants it gone. Got to love these people.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Well, nobody said relationships were easy! You obviouisly care for her very much and you are a patient man. Sounds like she just needs some space and that's not always doom and gloom. Enjoy the weekend and the snow!


It's just the way I am. There isn't anything terribly wrong so I'm not bailing immediately. There are things that I'm not quite sure and expect time will tell. However with seeing each other less I don't know if that will happen. I had enough snow in NY.


Sounds like mixed signals to me. Ooh, look at the engagement ring (hint hint), but sorry I can't see you. What does she want here, a wedding or a boyfriend?

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