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Sane Friends

Glass Half Full or Empty of Girlfriends

Asp asked me last night if I was a creature of habit which I answered a big yes. I was complaining that the landlord's family had tossed my glass out. She said there were others, but I said it was mine. Yes I'm 3. Over the years we each had are own cup so we didn't keep getting new ones every time we got something to drink. So mine is missing now as well as other things. As you are well aware of Mike doesn't like change. It's not a big thing, but it does bother me as does a few missing food items. Now I'm happy to eat the food there. Justification I love it.

A few people said I should have said something to my ex. This is one of the reasons I like Asp. She can state her complaints although I probably shouldn't date women like this so I don't have to listen to them. Anyway I have a hard time stating my displeasure to people. Always have. I'm better at saying something now instead of pushing it down, but it takes time and work. At the moment I need to write a letter with my next rent check about the absent bathroom cleaning and supplies for the last month. I'm happy it's only myself and my patients now instead of all the other businesses, but it does add up over time. I have to gear up for something like this. It never comes naturally. The funny thing is that this ability attracts me to women who can do it. On my first date with Asp it was okay until she showed this trait and then it all changed. Hey I'm strange I admit it.

I was happy to talk to Server guy last night at the museum before everyone else got there. We got to talk about out girlfriends. He's looking to moving in together in the summer if he's still going strong with his. We both agree there are little things that remind us of our exes. However the day to day stuff that comes up and we wait for the familiar reaction to occur and it doesn't and it's just nice.

I'm happy the temperature has creeped up to 40 degrees for my hike with L tonight. I brought all my deep cold gear, but I don't think I'll need it all, but I'm not quite sure how it will be once the sun goes down. There is even talk of snow here tonight, oh my.

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