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Sane Friends

The Uphill Ride

Well our nightly conversation went better than it has in a while which was nice. It was good to hear Asp joke around with me and be lighter than she had been. I'm doing chicken fajitas tonight for all of us to eat for dinner. It's her son's birthday Sunday, so I'm staying over tonight. Saturday is still up in the air and Sunday is out with all the kids there. Tomorrow she's taking him paint balling which I'll go along to watch.

I'm happy with all the ear rings I bought her for Valentine's day. Since I got them all from China for great discounts I had to order them early so that they would be here for the holiday. 3 of the 5 have arrived. I'm still not quite sure how I'm going to pack the up yet. Yes I get presents early for most everyone and yes I get bit in the ass with it sometimes. I still have a ankle bracelet I got for my ex and Tech girl's journal. Oh well. At some point they'll get re-gifted to someone else.

I would like to thank Microsoft for wasting many hours of my life over the last few days. It took many hours yesterday to get Business Contact Manager to finally work on my Outlook. However it just had the database, but not the ability to use it. So I took another few hours today to load another Business Contact Manager update to have it erase it from my computer and not allow me to reload it. I really can't freaking believe this.

I do want to thank everyone for their helpful comments during my time with Asp. Many have asked about my feelings for her. It's a weird answer since I've never felt like this with any other woman. So it's hard to compare. With any other woman I've ever been serious with, and a few who I wasn't, I've always rode the emotional high. Their hasn't been emotional high in this relationship. I've felt more comfortable and safe than I have ever though. I would be very sad if we broke up, but without that normal emotion ride I don't know how to grade this relationship. I've taken this to be a more conscious relationship than past ones, but hey I could be wrong.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

In the beginning, Ruf would say to me, I want a proper girlfriend, you're not like any of my proper girlfriends.

I would reply that none of his previous conquests had stood the test of time.

Here we are, four years down the line and, to the outside world, it probably should not work.

If you ask either of us, as individuals, we have never been happier and that's because we dont rely on the other one to provide that happiness. We are two halves that make a great whole but those halves are still very separate entities x


It's great to hear she's joking with you again. Awesome. :o)

But, it's made me wonder... is she bipolar? Just, alot of her behaviors remind me of myself, and, I have that diagnosis. So I was curious.

And, the earrings sound absolutely beautiful. I'm jealous.

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