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Sane Friends

Dog Gone Spirits

Well it was my annual reading day at the elementary school for the SPCA. I guess seniority has its privileges. They use to just give me a rabbit or guinea pig. Now they ask me what I want which is very cool. I go for the dogs. I was very surprised when they gave me this little cutie this morning. She was a 9 week old Jack Russel Terrier. Betsy didn't want to venture far from me nor did she want to leave my lap. The world was a very big place for her and all the happening tired her out quickly. I was hoping to play with her during the down time between readings, but she was just too young. The classes I had to read to were small this year. The biggest being 17 kids. I was surprised with this since I usually do 2-3 classes at a time. So I had a lot of free time between readings.

This will be the first time I'm going over to Asp that she won't cooking for me. They have a lot of pizza left over and since I can't eat it I told her I'd get something for myself. I was going to eat out, relax, and then go over. However she wants me to come over as soon as possible so I guess I'll get some Chipolte's to go.

Since it's Game night for the singles tomorrow night. I asked Asp if she was having her son sleep over someplace or just hang out while we were out. She said she didn't know. So I asked if she wanted she could sleep at my place to give her a change of scenery. I got a very weird answer that I would never have guessed in a million years. She said it would be too weird with the landlord just dying. Asp asked if I thought his spirit was still in the house since he died there. I told her I didn't feel anything. I really don't know if this was for real or is she like L who likes guys to come to there place so their is a level of control. Oh well time will tell. I would like her to see my place. Whether she sleeps over or not I'm okay with.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Why on earth do they give you an animal when you are there to read? Im confused.


Sooz - its get a free animal with every book read. The local humane society has you go out with animals to teach kids about them, the shelter, and adoption. Teaching kids early that when you get an animal you take care of it for its entire life.

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