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Sane Friends


It was a day of surprises today. My first patient owns a cupcake bakery and he brought me one which was very nice. I can't have it because of the dairy, but its one big mother of a cupcake.

My second patient told me I had destroyed him which I was surprised since he always has some kind of praise for me. When he clarified what he meant I got it. As many patients have stated I explain what I'm doing and what's going on. I avoid the ad nauseum part, but patients are very grateful not to go through the experience with blinders on. So he likes that he has his questions answered by me and wants the same from his other doctors. The problem is that isn't happening and their giving him attitude when he asks to understand.

The last was the biggest. Asp said she really wants to see me, but has a lot of reading to do. So we worked out for me to go over to see her tonight after work. Whether it's an all night thing or not I'm not sure yet. I am seeing where I have to keep my energy level with her. I know I can be an intense person and I can venture over the line in the street quite often. So this is easier for me. Also I'll use the cupcake to motivate her to do her homework.

Today I got the dreaded paperwork to fill out for my Mom's Medicaid. The best part was that it was due yesterday. I called her case worker to explain the dilemma and she was okay with it. Since my Mom's facility takes care of all her financial stuff now I had to shoot over there for them to fill out most of it. This was a lot easier than the large amounts of time I have to use to gather all the information. So while they filled it out I visited my Mom. She was doing well today and a bit talkative for her. I asked if she wanted to talk to my brother, but she said she already talked to him. I asked if she wanted to talk again and she said yes. I hung with her for a while since she wanted me to. I'll need to start bringing a book to read so I can just sit there. Like she use to be, she relaxes with family around.

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