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Sane Friends

Heads Will Roll

Wow I only have about 40 people paid for their Meetup membership. While I usually have a lot of dead weight to get rid each year. I usually end up with 80 people left after the dust settles. I have to admit many people are paying today which is why I looked. Even though its only $5 people still wait till the last minute to pay or pay to get back in. We'll see what the next 7 days brings.

I finally got to watch the Hurt Locker the other night. It was a good movie. They way its shot is what really gives the movie its credit. I was pretty tense through the film which succeeds in getting you to feel how it is to be over in Iraq. It's not a bloody violent movie, but very suspenseful and tense.

Tonight I'll get Asp itinerary so we can plan on when we're getting together since she's working Saturday night at a concert.

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Oh I like that outfit! want!

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