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I have to admit I have no idea where Asp and I are going. To be honest I'm starting not to care whether is sinks or swims. When we talked Thursday she said she would email me Friday and let me know about last night and the weekend. We texted through the day like normal. I consciously made the choice not to say ask what the deal was. So last night I called her like normal and we had a very fun talk for about 20 minutes before she got off the phone when the pizza man arrived. I never heard what we were doing for the weekend. So I texted her back about tonight and she asked if we could do Sunday which was clarified after her son's soccer game. Whether Asp needs time to do stuff or not is moot to me. I seem to be out of the loop of what's going on and that's my quandary. I'm a big believer in that we are given things to learn lessons so we can move on. One of my biggest problems is talking about problems. I would rather they just fixed themselves, but I know they won't. It's also not the emotionally mature thing to do. Also if I don't mention a problem none really exist for the other person and the opportunity to fix it is lost. So I need to talk to Asp about the missing email and what's behind that. Cause at this moment I feel that I'm in charge of making things happen in this relationship which is someplace I don't like to be. If I don't mention us getting together or initiate communication I don't feel it will happen. I'm actually holding off texting her this morning to later to see if I hear anything. In the beginning I would have heard something as I would have request to come over to see her.

My hike with L got pushed back till tomorrow which means I have a free open day which is something I avoid on the weekends. I'm a planner and now I'm trying to pull something together at the last minute with the singles, but I don't see it getting off the ground.

Last but not least it's been over a week without talking to Eric. I've left several messages for him during the week, but nothing returned. I don't know if it's because a date has been set to see each other and the last 2 were cancelled at the last minute because him mom couldn't get him to the airport.
On a nicer note. My new patient was a referral from another patient of mine. It was nice to hear that they have been to many other chiropractors and they think I'm one of the best. Always good to have some praise.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow, sorry to hear about Asp. Sounds like this isn't really working out. Communication is a 2 way street.

But congratulations on your new patient !


Mike, my heart goes out to you and the pain you must feel seeing your mom and what she's going through. For many years I lost my father a little at a time and I didn't have a partner to lean on. I truly hope you let Asp (if you haven't done so already) into that part of your life. You could use the support.

Someone once told me that if he likes someone he makes them a priority. Hmm...now who said that? Oh, that’s right it was you! Sounds like Asp has a lot going on in her life and you expressed feeling left out, but maybe at this point in our lives with our histories we bring to relationships, obligations, kids, and schedules, it’ s just not realistic to expect the other person to respond either with words or feelings according to our timetable.

You and I have some similarities (Sagittarian traits) that make us unnerved by ambiguity. We’d rather hear the news being bad or good than not know where we stand. I hate gray areas. But you probably knew that already from my posts. It’s just very difficult to find people who get that, so before you throw in the towel it’s best to be patient and keep trying to communicate. As I can see from your most recent post, it’s working and Asp is initiating conversation. That’s a good thing.

Lastly, I dated someone a few years back and it was absolutely the most frustrating experience. I realized it would have been so much easier living with him than dating him. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I knew we would get along much better if we were under the same roof because he sucked at dating. Does that make any sense? From reading your Asp posts, I bet it would be easier to live with her...down the road..way too early to even think of that now.

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