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Molasses Thursday

Well I stopped off to see the landlord in the hospital today since I had a meeting right down the road. He looked better and he gave me their update. The doctor said 3 month minimum with a 50% chance at the one year mark. He said the liver would be what would do him in. It had like 30-35 lesions on it. He is suppose to transfer hospitals Monday for better treatment. My landlord is still the weird one, but he said they were still honoring their agreement with me care taking. He just asked for me to get renter's insurance which is no big deal.

Asp is having a bad day at work and asked if I could come by tonight. So I'll stay the night there tonight to cheer her up. It's the usual interoffice crap that goes on in most companies the world over. So after my hike with L I'll head on over. I told I'm usually wiped from the hike, but she didn't mind. I'm happy to help since she's been very helpful with all my landlord stuff.

I can't believe how much of a shit week this is. I haven't even collected a $100. The office is generating income, but still not much. I know it's a full moon this week, but the number of reschedules and no shows is incredible.

The good thing is Christmas shopping is all done. I got my niece a gift certificate which my brother suggested yesterday. Everything is wrapped and Eric's present went out in the mail today. Now just Christmas cards. I'm happy Asp volunteered to help write them since I'm writing challenged.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Sucks to hear about your landlords prognosis, and all of your office cancellations.

I think the full moon just jacks everything up.


No shows must be a common thing. I've NEVER forgotten an appointment and can't even remember one I've had to reschedule. My dentist and the salon where I got my facial/massage all ring or text to remind of appointments. The cost for them to do that must be big $$$$$.

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