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The Big Stir

I changed my relationship status on Facebook today. It was nice to get the big response that I did. Asp didn't get home yet to update on her end. I thought it would just be an email, but I guess there is something else to be done.

I dug out my cookbooks from storage today. I'm still missing two of them, but I didn't feeling like doing the big job. I really need to get some shelving in there so I can find stuff easily. I think that has moved up on my list of to do things. What really is happening is that I have so many pokers in so many fires that stuff is just being forgotten. I'm use to updating the singles group daily, but that might be every other day or something.

The landlord's brother and sister were at the house last night. His brother doesn't want to accept that this is happening. I may suggest to his ex that they make the house a little more festive with music or something. I went down this morning on my way out and they were all at the table in the dim light. All the kids are coming down for Christmas week and the place will be bursting with activity. We'll see how he handles it. The hospice people are all set up and I'm happy that one part of the medical branch works fast. They were like we can have a hospital bed here in 4 hours. Like holy shit. I wish everything else in the field worked that well.

Well tonight I'll be cooking for Asp and her son. Since I'm working late I changed the menu to sloppy joes since it will be fast.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

That's a big step... The Man and I haven't even talked about that stuff, yet...


Congratulations on the change of status !


That's a huge step! Now it's official!


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