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I got home tonight to a lot of lights on and vehicles in the driveway. The weird thing was that no one was home. It was like a horror movie. Stuff was all around, lights on, and no people. While I was making my dinner a basketball rolled pass my feet. It was freaking weird. After eating I relaxed in my room watching some Two & a Half Men to relax. My landlord's daughter knocked on my door to inform me that he died this morning. I was pretty shocked since they had said 6-10 weeks which would give him 4-8 more. He died sometime after 2 this morning. His ex said it was for the best since he was really getting weak.

I'm pretty sad right now. I guess I've pre-grieved since I'm not fully grief stricken, but it still has hit me. They won't do any services until after Christmas so that everyone can attend.

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I always read, but never comment. I am so sorry your landlord died. Maybe you will post a pic of him! I wish you the best.


I am very sorry to read this, as I was hoping that he would've gone against the odds and survived.

As far as grieving. Just take your time and let it come out when it does.

My heart goes out to you and his family.

Will you still be able to live there, or are you looking for a new place ?

Good luck with everything.


I'm sorry for your loss, as it seems as he was almost like family to you.

A loss at any time is difficult, but they always seem to hit harder during this time of year.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, and his entire extended family.


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