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Sane Friends

Tree Picking

Well I'm going out with Asp and her son tonight to help them get a Christmas tree. I'll get to see the ins and outs of buying a real Christmas tree. Tonight I'll spend it at her place and then head to my seminar tomorrow which will be helpful since her place is closer. On my way home Sunday I'm going to stop by to help her with some cabinets. She had them built and the guy never came back to put a shelf in for her, that was 5 years ago. Watching her go through so much to get a lid I told her it would be easy to put one in. So I grabbed my tool box and will take care of it then. I'm going to enjoy these two outings since this is what I feel is missing from our relationship. Being out and having different experiences hit us so that we can respond to them and grow together. While we do hit on things in the house, the world outside has more to offer. We have a few events that we are going together in the next few weeks so that will also help. On the 14th I'm taking most of the day off so we can spend it together. Her son will still be in school so it'll be nice. Also something I haven't done since I was married.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Sounds like things are heating up.

You know you are in for it when you pick out trees together. ;)

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