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Size Does Matter

Asp sent this over to me. It shows how small things really are from a coffee bean down to a carbon atom. It freaked her out since she doesn't like to know that there are all these small little things out there. For me its way cool science stuff.

Asp wants to go to a hockey game with some of our friends tonight after the Meet & Greet. She wanted to know what I thought. I told her between a couple of guys beating the crap out of each other and spending quiet time with her. I would choose her. She's never been to a hockey game so she wanted to go and I'm okay with it. I've never been to one either. However it was nice talking it through with her. I thanked her for it. She was a bit confused. I'm always working through stuff and I've been accused of over thinking, but it's how I become healthier. Working all the crap of the past out. She then knew I had crap in my past which really hasn't been talked about. I told her that it wasn't always nice and that I don't take these common niceties for granted.

I spend the first official night alone in the house last night. I can't believe how fast dust accumulates there. So I did my cleaning and laundry. I'm also working on having a buffer of stuff in place. You know food, ironed clothes, etc. Just so I can run in the house if I've spent a night at Asp's and not go crazy.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

You would probably enjoy hockey more if it was a team of half nekkid women beating the he'll out of each other. ;)


I've taken my son (teen-m) to ice hockey here in Melbourne although it is quite amateurish compared to what goes on in the States and Canada. I'm sure Teen-M would have enjoyed it A LOT more had they been dressed as she is!!!!!!!!!!!
Its a fun game but you have to be quick to keep your eye on the puck thingy.


working through stuff is always a good thing!
BTW that hockey photo is kinda funny!
how did u like the hockey????

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