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Sane Friends

The Roller Coaster Ride

I slept better at Asp's place last night. I'm getting use to the noises in her place plus I helped her with her sinuses so she is snoring less. I see that I'm getting older since sex multiple times a night is getting more difficult. Some of my older friends have talked about it, but I thought I had a few more years. A Public Service Announcement to all is don't mix Listerine breath strips and oral sex. Yeowch that shit burns. We scheduled our next sleepover for Friday since we can sleep in before I need to head up to Williamsburg for my seminar. The good thing is that I'll be closer than I would be at home.
I tell you this knowing someone before you date them is completely weird. I think my extra comfortability with Asp is from knowing her for a while. Some I know is just our chemistry which we have. I guess the weird part is knowing certain things about her and then there are these wide open gaps. We'll fill them in as time goes by, but it's hard not to give in and dive into the coziness of the relationship. I know years ago I would just do that and lose myself in the good feeling. However I've learned enough over the years to take care of myself hence the limit on how often we see each other.
My landlord's ex called me this morning to tell me that they admitted him into the hospital yesterday. When they were scoping him they found out that he was bleeding internally and it was filling his stomach. So they are giving him a transfusion while they process the biopsies they took. She said she would take him back North when he gets out so he would be closer to family if they confirm that he has cancer. So I'll probably be alone faster than I thought.

With this change in plans I was almost going to tell Asp I would come over tonight, but I need to start changing my life around to start taking care of myself. So a change is coming.

I did get an email from my brother telling me my niece Lucy was going to be on the Today show on Thursday as part of the eye candy for some Christmas thing. Not a lot of specifics, but exciting none the less. I asked Asp to tape it for me.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

holy moley good tip on the breath strips!!!LOL but not!


Haha, nice to know you're getting a little oral servicing ! Thanks for sharing. At least you smell like Xmas.

I really hope your landlord can pull through this. This is so sad.

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