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Well the structuring of my storage unit went faster than I thought it would. While most everything is on a shelf I still have a few boxes on the floor, but the bikes fit in nicely and I can get most anything with relative ease. I still need to organize all the office decoration boxes, but I'll do that after I switch to the winter theme in the office tomorrow. I was happy to find my cook books and my high school year book.

Now you might ask why my HS year book. Well being on FB I get a lot of request from people from my HS who I have no freaking clue who they are. They look totally different than they did in school 25 years ago so I need the original picture to even have a clue. I forgot HS was like an episode of the Sopranos. It was a VERY Italian village so at least 90% of every one's name ended in a vowel. We had 5 black kids in the whole school. So looking through the book is like a funny blast from the past.

I moved around to much as a kid especially in HS school so I didn't know many people besides by name and face. However it did all come back just looking at it all. So I'm going to take sometime of FB seeing how people changed.

Asp isn't doing to well on her trip to visit her mom. We can't tell if its a nerve in her tooth or a bad sinus attack. So far with decreasing her sinus pressure her tooth pain is receding. For me all of this puts me on edge. This is so something that would happen to my ex. From this she would spiral down and it would always get ugly with me having a target on my head. So I've been a bit edgy all today. However Asp is handling it well and is okay with me. I see that someone caring about her is new and she doesn't quite know how to handle my caring. Her mother informed her that I was a keeper.

Well tonight I broke out the pots and pans and started cooking in the kitchen. Tonight was chili which I haven't made in many years. It was nice to cook again. I don't like having all my stuff stuck on the side of the kitchen, but once the landlord's food supplies dwindle down, room will appear.

I'm making a few changes in my room to give myself a bit more useful space. I have a desk in there which I'm not quite sure if I'm going to keep in there. I have a big shelf in storage, but it's totally the wrong color for the room. I really don't want to buy another one. So I'm restructuring the hutch on top for now for my books. If I can find something in one of the thrift stores that I like I'll get it, but if not I'll make due for now.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Isn't it funny to see how everyone has changed from highschool? Some people look exactly the same, and others? Not so much.. Ha!

Happy holidays Mike!


I went through my storage today and I was thinking about throwing away my yearbooks. It's just dead weight, and I never look at them.

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