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It's Real and It's Spectacular

Amazing but true, Matel is actually producing Sugar Daddy Ken for the Barbie Palm Beach line. I guess the company has finally admitted that Barbie is a slut and this is what young women should look for in a man. So I guess they board room realized they did enough damage with the body image thing for the last 50 years and weren't going to get anymore out of that dead horse. So what else can we screw with? Hey we're old men with money. We like young hot women. This is the ultimate idea! Training 101 for Sugar Babies. No information was disclosed on the Palm Beach Barbie line, but hey that was probably another article.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

NO WAY!!!!! This is unreal, though you swear it's REAL! yikes man, yikes. this is stooping preettttyyy low!
I had Ken barbie with a speedo tan line as a kid. I am so not joking!!!!


Seriously, what the FUCK ???


Freaking amazing!!! I wish they would have had that line out when I was a girl! I wouldn't be sitting here trying to figure out how to pay all the utilities this month...


Ken looks less like a Sugar Daddy and more like a Sissy. Seriously... a pink leash and a puppy and frosted tips?! Eh.

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