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Sane Friends

The Eve Before

The landlord if taking it easy over the next few days. Hopefully we'll know if he has cancer or not on Friday. So it'll be a quiet holiday/birthday. I can track down many friends that have invited me over, but at this late date I don't know if I want to. I'm happy to break bread with close friends tomorrow, but those have all left the area for the day. So I'll just enjoy kicking back tomorrow. The one thing I realized is that I've haven't done or had done anything special for my birthday in at least 6 years when I was still married. Honestly at the point in the marriage I doubt if anything special was done, but it was probably recognized with Eric. I know Saturn girl said we'll all go out when the get back which would be nice.

Asp is feeling better, but not 100%. She says when she goes to Oklahoma to see her mom it usually takes 2 days for her allergies to calm down. The weather in Florida at the moment is unseasonable and will stay that way until they leave. Go figure. I was happy to hear that they are going to stop this time on the way home and spend the night in GA. I've done the drive before and I use to do it all at once, but after a while it's just tortuous to do it all in one feel swoop.

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Thanks Senorita. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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