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Sane Friends


I was surprised that L picked up that I was off today. I'm a man of habits and mine have been off for many days now. The storm started it all, but what really kicked it into high gear was getting a new phone and spending hours and do mean hours getting it to do what I want. Server guy was able to help me sync my Outlook and I'm getting the hang of everything else, but it's taken time. Time that I spend on doing my normal stuff and when I can't do that I get stressed. Even my date with Asp knocked me more off. I was expecting 3 maybe 4 hours tops together. 8 hours later and my day was gone. I'm not complaining since I had a good time, but I would have planned better.

On the subject of Asp, she's the first women to have a preteen child that I've dated. Any other woman I've dated has had kids in the 20's or older teenagers that didn't need babysitting. So this is going to take some getting use to. Scheduling our time for when she can get a babysitter. It's a whole new world for me and will take some getting use to. Since I'm pretty spontaneous. The good from all this is that it will teach me patience in a relationship. Either that or I'll go insane. Asp did invite me over Tuesday night to have dinner with her son. I've met the boy before, but in all of this I'm letting her make the rules with her son. I'm not quite sure what her rules are on this topic. I'll be happy to see her since I'll have Eric Saturday. She'll be gone all next week and the first weekend in December I'll be in Williamsburg for a seminar. So the pace of this budding relationship is going to be different than I'm use to.

L and I got to do our hike today which was perfect since it was finally sunny and the temp topped off at about 70. I got to see a lot of the destruction caused by the storms which was quite severe on the beach. Most of the bulkheads for the homes were completely destroyed.

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