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Sane Friends

Friday is the New Monday

For the umteenth time today I've had to correct myself that it's not Monday. Michael's getting a little tired of it. The holiday yesterday has screwed with my head.

Well onto more important things. My Christmas decorations are all up at the office and my room at home. While I hate holiday shopping crowds to no end which is why I always have holiday shopping done way in advance. I have to admit Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. If I had to say I would say it's the spirit of giving. I still remember when I was 13 and had a paper route. That Christmas was the first one I had money of my own and I bought presents for everyone. I didn't even care what I got that year I was so focused and excited on how people received my gifts. Actually this is pretty interesting since my daily reader today had this same concept with love. Paraphrasing it said to get the love you are looking for you needed to give it to someone. I have to admit that kind of summed up my relationship history of trying to find someone to accept what I was giving.

While it's a beautiful sunny day it's a cold one. With the wind chill I hear it's in the 30's. L and I decided to reschedule our hike till tomorrow and warmer weather.

I got a great gift last night for my birthday. I had called Eric earlier in the day to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving and ended up leaving a message. I had given up on a response last night. However he did call and sung me happy birthday which made my day. It was also nice to hear happiness in his voice which had been absent for the last week since his mom cancelled our visit together.

I have to admit I'm missing Asp. We are still texting and talking daily, but I do miss seeing her. We've only gone out like a few weeks, but since we were seeing each other every couple of days it was nice. This forced separation is for the birds. LOL.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hey, I'm getting the days messed up too. I've been off work for a week, and I have to check the internet to find out what day it is. I need my routine back, or I don't feel normal.

I used to do all my xmas shopping early, and be completely DONE by thanksgiving. But then everyone started expecting gift receipts with all their gifts, and the gift receipts typically expire after 30 days. Now I am a slave to the system, and must xmas shop during retail hell in-between thanksgiving and xmas. I h*te it!!!

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