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Well my landlord finally found out that he has terminal cancer today. I'm a little concerned since he hasn't been scheduled to see the oncologist yet. All he was told that it was in the esophagus, liver, and T12 of the spine. Also that it would be shorter than longer. WTF does that mean which was the topic of conversation tonight. He tried to pin the doctor down, but he wouldn't commit and specifics. So he's trying to make plans. He's asking Enigma and the kids to move out as soon as possible when they get back. He asked me to care take the place since in this market the value of the house won't be gotten. I will most likely do it since it would keep a nice roof over my head while I continue to put my own life together. However I wanted to think about it. I could win the mega millions tonight and this could be moot.

I broke tradition today and walking into a major store on Black Friday. I use to manage an electronic store so I know the insanity that can happen. It wasn't too bad since it was late in the afternoon. I did find a present for Asp which I can return if we don't make it. She loves the show Lie to Me and it was what she wanted to show me when we watched TV together. It was on sale for 60% off so it was a no brainer. I know what I can get her son if need be.

I did text my ex today asking if she had a backup to get Eric to the airport since I wanted to do a visit between Christmas and New Years. I still haven't heard anything back yet. If I have to fly up and get a ride to pick him up and return to the airport it's going to add like $350 more which would truly suck.

I got 2 nice presents today at work. One was one of my major checks came in which was awesome. The other was a patient came in from out of town who was visiting for the holidays. He told his daughter on the way out that he sees a lot of chiropractors around the country and I was one of the best if she needed one. It was really nice to hear.

Is it wrong to feel happy that Asp turned Server guy down in the past when he asked it out?

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I am so sorry to hear about your landlord. :(

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